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Learning by Doing

About Us


About TdB Press

It all started with a driving trip across the United States

and a desire to see as many National Parks as possible.

Add to that, a Teddy Bear with a heart for adventure

and a burning need to have his picture taken in front of every

National Park Entrance Sign in the nation

and Teddy's Travels was born.

TdB Press was formed as the Parent Company for Teddy's Travels.

New Divisions are in the works to include

SimpleGuides™, a line of booklets filled with SimpleTips

to help you Live the Simple Life, and

Light Reign™ Books, an Imprint focusing on

Inspirational Dramatic Texts for Readings and Performance.

At TdB Press, we're excited about learning by doing.

So, visit us often, because, like Tedrick de Bear™ says,

"you never know when a new 'Venture is waiting for you

just around the corner".